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Welcome to a Requirements Management Collection

On this site I share my experiences on requirements management.


20050815 Just started adding some stuff I am reading on Patterns for Effective Use Cases by Adolph, Bramble. I've put it in the Effective Use Cases section.



Book reviews



Recent quote by Ivar Jacobson on capturing requirements:


"You can never write down the perfect requirement, especially business requirements. Requirements in whatever form you create them, use cases, functional specifications, or whatever, are merely placeholders for the right conversation at the right time with the right people. It all comes down to communication. The main benefit I found from the agile environments that I've worked in is that their practices are focused on facilitating communication. Documents themselves are not evil, documentation is not inherently a bad thing to do. It all depends on what kind of communication they facilitate for the humans involved in the process. Documents can get in the way of the conversation, especially when they're just "thrown over the wall" to the reader, or are written in language that the readers cannot understand. Pay attention to the communication and you're half-way to a successful process. Distributed or inexperienced teams just mean you have to pay extra care to how you communicate."



Thanx for passing by, I trust you left something valuable.




Vincent van Rooijen


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